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Our Service

Real estate agency
Our consultants are well equipped with comprehesive experience and thorough insight in global real estate market trends to serve clients in achieving their financial goals while maximizing investment returns.


A transaction is only the beginning of your experience at FMI. Our dedicated client services team ensures investors are in good hands by guiding them step by step. Starting from arranging investors to sign the sales & purchase agreement, we gerund to advising and facilitating clients every step of the way until they achieve comprehensive views of a given project. Our client services team always provides effective communication for the investors, ensuring them a hassle-free property investment experience.

Business consulting

With extensive legal knowledge, our team can advise the buying procedures and can smoothly arrange the exchange of contracts. We also maintain good relationships with local solicitors who can be referred encountering legal issues.

Housing loan

With an extensive network of banks and financing providers, Our Mortgage Brokerage Service Team helps clients find favourable mortgage deals most suited to their financial profiles. We also advise on handling related paperwork, reducing unnecessary friction during the property purchasing process. As a fully independent brokerage, we are able to source the best possible mortgage terms for your properties worldwide.

Home design and interior design

Though some of the developers would provide some standard furnishing package, our professional team can cater your needs to provide various ideas of interior design ideas, furniture packages and renovation solutions, creating a perfect shelter for you.

Delivery of real estate

The purpose of a final work-through is to make certain that the property is in the good condition before the settlement of your transaction. Performing a property inspection with our experienced team can help walking through your home and identify any problems, and liaise with developers or landlords if there are any damages or repairs that need to be made before the key handover.

Rental management

We are proficient in managing both residential and commercial projects. Liaising with local leasing teams, our dedicated personnel follow through the complete process from marketing and tenant recruitment, to facility management and maintenance. We are able to provide innovative letting management services to maximize investors' return.

Tax consulting

Our consultant team are competent to assist handling local taxation issues which you may come across when you own a property. Leveraging the local expertise, our team can understand your case and help you handle complex taxation issues at ease.


It is essential that investors sell their investment at the right time and for the right price. We are confident in the knowledge and experience yielded by our team that would help investors maximizing their returns.

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