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Message from CEO

Better me! Better you! Better team!

At FMI, our journey has begun in 2014.  Headquartered in Hong Kong with our foundation in the Asia Pacific region, we’ve spent the past years growing our business globally, which has now become an international brand name in the industry.

As the leading overseas investment company in Hong Kong, the footprints of FMI business cover 11 cities. At the global level, we’ve received awards in Malaysia, Thailand and the UK, which shown the recognition and support earned from our clients as well as the global industry.  For many years, plenty of overseas property markets have actually been first explored and developed by FMI, such as Osaka, Tokyo, Malaysia, Singapore, and the London market which was re-launched in 2019.

Looking ahead, self-regulation, investigation and careful selection of suitable properties are necessary for our journey. We focus on developing our business and brand with sustainability in the long run, powered by continuous changes and moving forward.  Improving and exploring more potential markets and high quality after-sales service will enable us to maintain our leading position in the market.  It is important to note that FMI Investment’s philosophy “Your Gain. Our Pride.” will never change. It has always been the motto of the group.

I have been working in the industry for more than 23 years, gaining plenty of experiences.  In addition to my columns written for various media, I’ve first launched my own new book in 2020.  I wish more readers, clients and investors can have the chance to gain more knowledge about overseas properties.  In an era of rapid changes, overseas property is no longer a new investment tool, but a necessity and a safe house.  It is also a multi-functional investment product.  The target audience of my new book is not only Hong Kong, but also many other countries that have only recently learned about overseas properties. I also hope this can set a benchmark for others and share it with those who are interested in joining the industry, so that they can understand the importance of overseas properties.

I truly believe the overseas property market can be diversified and further developed.  FMI targets to achieve an international standard and establish the benchmark for this market.  That’s why I’m so proud of my career.  Our mission is “Better me! Better you! Better team!”.  The entire industry, developers, clients and ourselves will be benefited a lot with this achievement!

FM Investment JAPAN
Founder & CEO
Mr. Amous Lee